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Military Blogs and Media

USMS Special Feature: Homeland Security Degrees

Are you interested in the subject of homeland security ? We at USMilitaryStuff have discovered a great site that lists the different colleges that offer degrees in this fast growing field. Here's an excerpt from masterofhomelandsecurity.org :

Homeland Security is a field growing at a rapid pace that encompasses all kinds of areas of speciality such as: Computers/IT, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Logistics. A Masters degree is one way to put yourself at the head of the pack. Learn more here.

Military Blogs

Serving veterans and their loved ones is a top priority here at USMilitaryStuff. Blogs have become an important window of communication for recent veterans returning from tours of duty. We wanted to point out a few of our favorites. Please keep in mind while they don't necessarily reflect the views of everyone at USMilitaryStuff, the blog links point to content that is raw and honest in a way the mainstream "news" can never be.

To whet your appetite, here's a funny, scathing video that deals with the disconnect between many recent veterans and the dominant perceptions of a "certain type" of college student. If you haven't seen this before, it's worth checking out! Particularly since the viewpoint behind this video sums up the spirit of many of the blog links below.

Cool Military Blog Links

This list of blog links and descriptions is indebted to Alex Horton; a wonderful writer whose blog, Army of Dude , enabled us to discover many of the blogs below.
  • A long running blog written by a Korean War veteran who sports a list of achievements that read like something out of a novel. The blogger gets his nickname (pronounced boo-ham-er) from all the hunting he did while living in Alaska. But that's just the beginning; and it will make more sense when you visit the site of this prolific and inspiring blogger.
  • This animated blog unflinchingly deals with the often jagged transition from military back to civilian life.
  • There is something about the immediacy of Alex Horton's writing that really gets under your skin. This guy has seen mountains of you-know-what hit the fan and has lived to write about it. Blogs like this make many Hollywood depictions of war two-dimensional by comparison.
  • A scholarly account and analysis of how the face of war is changing for America and the world.
  • This site enables the general public to help provide the military what it needs to rehabilitate war-torn communities abroad.
  • A literate and prolific blog by Greyhawk, a 24 year veteran of active duty. So much work has been put into this site; it's become more of an online publication than what we're used to thinking as a "blog."
  • Another rollicking "boots on the ground" account of multiple army experiences. From Bosnia to Bagdad and beyond. This site is full of piss and vinegar.